dinsdag 27 oktober 2015

Polder rooftop nine months later

polder rooftop 21 june 2015
For our documentary  CityRoofTops  we went back to the Polder rooftop, nine months earlier two rows of sedum  were replaced by two rows of  vegetables.  Each  with a different irrigation  system.

Today we came back to see the results. The test came out great but the arugula kept disappearing from the roof.

Looking closer Philip discovered some goose droppings near the arugula.
We don't need a CSI badge to know that the geese are eating the arugula
Footages from docu CityRoofTops nine months earlier 

Sacha Stolp and Phlipip Tra make are removing the sedum to make place for vegetables

 almost two rows of sedum gone

.However after Philip left to go to Building B, the police showed up on the roof,  somebody had triggered the burglar alarm.
Since I was alone I had a lot of explaining to do, but it is always good to talk about our film projects
Police car @ polder rooftop

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